Faracosmetic is a premium retailer trendy, top-quality beauty products for beauty diversity with an affordable price tag. We offer a stocked array of cosmetic products sorted from our product range . So, our online showcase allows you to choose from a range of simply stunning products that gets you too glam to give a damn! Our services are dedicated to all our savvy customers and women of color; this is why we greatly align with your aesthetic needs, which empowers you to reinvent with touches and contour without mercy.

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At Faracosmetic, it's about that stunning appearance. It's about the reinvention and enhancement of a beautiful feeling. A feeling capable of animate characters, a feeling of confidence, and irresistible taste. A feeling whose expression knows no bounds! So, Faracosmetic gives the hands of your creativity, everything it needs to make a shine.

Our online store brings you a range of beauty bargains . All the way from our offices in Europe , Africa and the USA, we extend the beautiful feeling through proficient worldwide home and office delivery so you too can get a GLAM, wherever and whenever!

Our Values

Faracosmetic has its core value embedded in the satisfaction of our shoppers. Consequently, we offer a range of cruelty-free makeup products that inspire and motivate people to make considered choices about the products. For us, the entire experience is about discovery. It's also about empowerment, and the ability to design what you crave according to your passions and priorities. So, we travel miles on your behalf to bring you a world of previously unthinkable opportunities.


We aim to create a digitalized beauty shopping experience that accommodates the growing needs of all our makeuplover in Africa , Europe and across the world. Annexed with our keen sight for innovative technology lies our passionate knack to bridge the gap between low-end beauty seekers with the excellent quality of luxury and high profile brands .


Inspired by the beauty of contemporary African Art, the French-Gabonese owner of Faracosmetic has remained committed to promoting the sparks and true essence of African attraction among her passion for beauty in the new generation of African Women .

She remains undaunted in striving to empower women through the beauty field and to promote entrepreneurship, leadership, expression and pride among women of African Heritage. Faracosmetic remains one of her concepts in reaching out to women of color around the globe.